Easy Fry and Small Fish Food

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  • Easy squeeze bottle for fast feeding
  • High protein food made of salmon
  • Refillable 

After many years of breeding fish and running a large fish rooms and fish stores, I developed this special food for quickly feeding baby and small fish. With the easy squeeze bottle, feeding is now a one-handed operation, where one hand feeds the food and the other hand is free to open aquarium tops. With all the time saved, you can feed this high-protein food several times a day — which leads to much faster growing fish, more intense coloration, and more babies. If you have large aquariums or ponds, you can cut the opening larger to feed more with each squeeze.

Floating Fry Food That Slowly Sinks

Easy Squeeze Feeding Bottle

Loved By Small Fish

Higher Protein Means Faster Growth and Colors

Irresistible Salmon Protein

Customer Reviews

Based on 964 reviews
Kris K. (Manhattan, KS, US)
Great food

Everybody in my aquarium loves this stuff. From the baby shrimps to the black neon tetras.

Amy M. (New London, NH, US)
Easy Fry Food

Just got some Emerald Dwarf Rasboras last week and they go nuts for this fry food. Because they’re so tiny this food is perfect for them, and I think it’s also helped them to color up pretty quickly. The bottle couldn’t be more convenient. Definitely an A1 purchase.

M M.E. (Irving, TX, US)
Great price quick service… And the fish love it

Great price quick service… And the fish love it !

Gary P. (Houston, TX, US)
Easy Fry food

I use this for all my fish, especially my nano tanks. They love it. I also have a couple of guppy tanks and the adult and fry do really well on.it Great product!

Brian D. (Somerville, MA, US)
Angelfish fry Love it!

Great fry food! My baby angelfish love it and it's so easy to feed.