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Eheim Auto Feeder

Hurry only 11 left!
Hurry only 11 left!
 Set it and let it feed your fish everyday 

Great for everyday use whether you're home or away. Reliably dispenses accurate portions to prevent over or under feeding fish. Manual release button allows for feeding outside pre-programmed times. 

Easy to Use
  • Adjustable slider allows you to set desired portion 
  • Patented integrated fan & ventilation system keeps food dry 
  • Can also be used as an amphibian or reptile feeder; ideal for terrariums 
Easy to Set-Up
  • Easy digital programming for up to a maximum of 8 feedings per day
  • Splash-proof buttons
  • Ideal for most types of food; for freshwater and marine fish. 
  • Amount of food remaining can easily be seen through transparent drum 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Shoulda got one a long time ago

    I should have made this purchase long ago. It works beautifully. Setting the feeding times is easy. Ordering a few more today. Saying hello to easier vacations and long weekends without worrying about my fish.

    Works great

    Love th simplicity and quality of it. Stays super secure on top of the tank.

    A real Workhorse!

    Absolutely the best auto feeder on the market! It's like a Timex, it just keeps clicking, very very dependable!


    Had different brand before. Less costly, less efficient. The every day fish feeder operates very well. Distributes the right amount of food and doesn’t clog. I’m a beginner with aquariums. Enjoying it very much.

    Almost Great

    I will say that I have 2 autofeeders. This and a "cheaper" PetCo one. I will say that the drum on this version is quite easy to modify, but it definitely feeds way too much / inconsistently for my tank with Hikari micropellets and Hikari fancy guppy. The "cheaper" version also has similar issues, but is much easier to "tweak".

    I will say that the programming isn't bad and it feels quite sturdy, but comparable to the other one.

    I also wish the drum itself was quite a bit smaller as I could quite literally dump whole packets of food in there and not fill it up.

    Overall, not a bad product. Does what it says, but do use it when you have larger amounts of food to feed or have time to modify it.