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Finnex Planted+ Nano Clip Light

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Ultra Slim LED Clip Light

True 660nm Deep Red LEDs

  • Best for promoting Chlorophyll Photosynthesis
  • Aluminum constructed hood and circuit board
  • Ultimate plant and fish color enhancer
  • Water resistant 3 position switch 

7000k Daylight, 660nm Deep Red + Moonlight Leds rendering colors across the spectrum 


Hood Construction Aluminum/Plastic
Circuit Board Constriction Aluminum
Input Voltage AC 100V - 240V
Output Voltage DC 15V
Wattage  5 watts
Power Cord Length  59 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Perfect Match

I was really surprised how perfect the match was the light to my aquarium! It’s easy to move around and really simple to turn on/off. My Betta isn’t bothered by the light at all. The light reaches to every part of the aquarium. Overall, it was an amazing purchase.

Plants love it!

It was easy to attach to my 5.5 and my plants have really taken off. It looks really great with moonlight setting.

Great nano light

In just 2 weeks I have seen my plants in my 10 gallon THRIVE with this light, it is bare bones (no integrated timers or apps) but fantastic. I use my own lamp timer. And literally have seen my plants grow before my eyes. Recommend!

Sweet little light

I'm glad I bought this light! I have it on my 10 gallon and my plants have really been thriving. The showcase plant is my dwarf lilly, I sat here and watched it stand right up, 30 minutes after I put the light on it. It has really grown and looks amazing. Everyone who sees it asked how I got it so tall. I tell them it is the new light. I tell everyone about how great this light is. If you want beautiful plants, get this light!

It's a'ight

But really....a great little light for your nano aquariums.
As usual, shipping was fast