Finnex Planted+ Nano Clip Light

Ultra Slim LED Clip Light

True 660nm Deep Red LEDs

  • Best for promoting Chlorophyll Photosynthesis
  • Aluminum constructed hood and circuit board
  • Ultimate plant and fish color enhancer
  • Water resistant 3 position switch 

700k Daylightt, 660nm Deep Red + Moonlight Leds rendering colors across the spectrum 


Hood Construction Aluminum/Plastic
Circuit Board Constriction Aluminum
Input Voltage AC 100V - 240V
Output Voltage DC 15V
Wattage  5 watts
Power Cord Length  59 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nice little light!

Looks good on my tank and plants have been thriving.

Nice nano light

Light is nice and the arm is very stable. The only thing I can knock off for is that these hang on style lights are inherently unstable. It's just the nature of the beast. Secure it well with the screw to keep it from falling in.

Awesome light

Used this to upgrade the crappy light filter combo on the fluval chi so I could do a proper aquascape plants are pearling ever since I got this light

Best nano light I have found

I love them!!

Love this light!

This light is a fantastic upgrade from the original light on the Fluval Spec 2.6 aquarium. It is at least twice as bright and the color is so much better. The best part? It works! The original light worked sometimes but I gave up and had to plug and unplug it in order to turn it on and off. With the Finnex light there are 3 settings - on, off and moonlight. I clipped it on the back of the aquarium over the filter area. The top still fits on just fine with no adjustments. I will have to remove it to clean out the filter area but I can bend it out of the way for anything else. I had to take the original off a lot more often. I couldn't be more pleased. It arrived a day earlier than I expected too.

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