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Finnex Stingray LED Lights.

The Finnex Stingray LEDs are a great value light. They've been out for a couple of years and have had a very good longevity record so far. They are great for getting into planted aquariums allowing you to grow low to medium light plants for most aquariums. Not sure which light to get? Check out our light guide.

*We ship lights in the original packaging as the boxes are designed to be shipped. Rest assured that in the rare event any item from aquarium co-op is damaged in shipping, we send out a replacement.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 237 reviews
Stingray 24"

Got the Stingray as my first 'real aquarium light' ... looks beautiful, and has great functionality in my new, planted, 20G Shrimp/Guppy tank. Made like 4 orders from the coop over the course of 3 weeks to get myself all set in my new house ... and Aquarium Co-op is unmatched for quality and service. Thanks!

Excellent Light, Bad Customer Service

The 12" light makes the fish and plants pop in my 15 gallon tall tank. I emailed customer service and asked the TOTAL length of the light, with switch included, before purchasing. They said 12" but it is actually 12.5". I had 12.25" to work with inside my lid. Because the light was night and day compared to the original T5 bulb, I dremeled my lid(which is what I didn't want to do) to make it fit. Customer Service just read the box that said 12". Don't reply as verification if your not going to do the work.


The thimb screws to attach the light to the side of tank are missing.

Finnex light (16 inch).

My light is a love hate relationship. The light works great for the plants and fish....but I have the light on a Rimmed tank. The plastic legs that attaches to the light are VERY UNSTABLE and FLIMZY! My husband is going to make a custom frame for the light soon so it will sit on the rimmed tank correctly. Shipping and customer service is perfect!!!

Great light

10x better then the Walmart junkihad