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Everyone loves it

I have bristlenose plecos, guppies, red cherry shrimp and mystery snails. They all love these sinking pellets. The bug bites pellets do tend to break apart into tiny pieces very quickly but it doesn't seem to be a problem. The RCS swarm cleans up the crumbs pretty fast and my guppy fry love it when the bristlenose plecos tear into a pellet making a cloud of tiny pieces which they gobble up as fast as they can.

Doesn’t Sink Well...

This stuff has good quality ingredients, but doesn’t sink if you have current in your tank. I have a 75 gallon with an overflow box and medium current running through the tank. I tried to saturate this food in tank water and feed it, but it still gets kicked up and doesn’t stay on the bottom. Smells really bad if it makes it to the overflow also. Will continue looking for a good pleco sinking food.

Cory Dora Feeding Frenzy

I bought this specific type of bug bite to target feed my bottom dwellers.
All my other fish have gone nuts over the other big bites and I could see my bottom dwellers picking up scraps
Needless to say these bug bites do not disappoint!
They sink fast and my cory cats went into a feeding frenzy the first time these hit the bottom
As always I have to give Aquarium Co-Op high regards for their customer service

Highly Recommend

This was my first order of the Fluval Bug Bite for plecos but won't be my last. My guy absolutely loves them. So much so that he'll come out of hiding to eat them!

High Quality Food, Good Price

I feed mostly frozen and fresh foods, but this is a high quality, affordable product that I have added into my regular feeding routine. Great food for plecos but other bottom feeders love it too. In fact all my fish will go for it if given the chance. I drop a handful into my abino bristlenose breeding tank every day. Adults love it, and once its soft, fry love it too.