Fluval Bug Bites Color Enhancing Formula

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Insect Larve & Salmon Recipe Fish Food

Fluval Bug Bites are specifically formulated to address the natural insect based feeding habits of fish, with added vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients important to their health and vitality.

  • Fiber rich diet
  • Naturally palatable 
  • With sustainably processed insects

Enterra Sustainable Process

Using a unique and sustainable cultivation process, Dried Black Soldier Fly larvae (long known for their nutritional properties) are grown under controlled conditions as they feed off of unconsumed fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. The larvae are then dried and mixed with high quality salmon, essential amino acids and minerals, to offer a nutritious daily diet. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great color food and fish of all sizes really like it

I feed this food to all sizes of fish, just crush up and guppies, platys and young angelfish all like it. It is also the only dry food I can get my pod fish to eat (they mostly take frozen). I have long fin sunset platys in one pond and golden shiners in the other. The shiners are more picky than the platys. I thought the pellet size would be too big but they easily crush in your fingers and the fish go crazy. It also seems to help the koi and gold angelfish and platys' color. I would recommend this food as a part of a varied diet!

Seems to be a hit

Everything seems to eat it with no hesitation so no complaints here

Great Price! Fast Shipping!

Can't beat Aquarium Co-op prices!!! Great fast shipping as always! Thank you!


My fish didn’t really care for it

Great all around food.

I feed this to cardinal tetras, rummy's, tiger barbs and a Gourami. They all gobble it up. Sinks pretty quick though.