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I was looking for a heater with everything, and this one has it: a built in temperature gauge, covered & durable, alerts to dangers like too cold or hot, and is easy to read. I love that Cory recommended the heater so I know its good and it is. I got 3, I even put one in a very small tank at an angle and it has worked perfectly for a month, keeping my Betta and White Cloud minnows very toasty.

Nice heater

This heater is great, I have no complaints.

Great heater

I was in the market for a heater and after watching Cory's video I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. Works great and the low flow is very useful to diagnose tank flow problems I didn't realize I had. Plus Cory is the cheapest place around. Very hard to beat

So many features!!

Great heater, no problems so far so. My favorite thing is the low flow sensor. My hope is that if and when the filter needs a little cleaning the flow will slow down and should trip the low flow sensor on the heater so I know it needs cleaned.

Works well be prepared for LF

This product works as intended. I did have to move it closer to my hang on back intake to get enough flow. My normal thermometer shows about a 1 degree difference but is in a completely different spot in the tank so is likely due to flow differences. I'd say this is a really good heater but isn't perfect due to the low flow sensitivity. I get that the low flow is intended for safety and longevity of the heater but it is annoying. That being said it is still better than my other 2 heaters so I'm giving it full marks. Heaters are one of the worst things about the hobby.