Fluval Submersible LCD Aquarium Heater

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Advanced Electronic Aquarium Heater

The LCD temperature display provides peace of mind as the actual aquarium water temperature is continuously displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. During normal operation the temperature read out will change color if the aquarium water varies +/-1°C or +/-2°F or more from the preset temperature.

  • LCD displays actual water temperature 
  • High/Low temperature alert 
    • Should any external heat sources or other equipment, such as chillers, cause the aquarium water temperature to rise or fall beyond 3°C or 5.5°F, the colored screen will flash, indicating a potential risk.
  • Precise and easy temperature adjustment
    • With the easy to use adjustment lever the temperature can be precisely set in 0.5°  increments
  • Advanced fish protection
    • The integrated fish guard offers advanced protection. Fish and invertebrates cannot come in direct contact with the heater core. The heater is protected against shocks from large fish species.
Model Aquarium Size
E100 up to 30 gallons 
E200 up to 65 gallons
E300  up to 100 gallons


Customer Reviews

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Worth the investment!

Since i bought the hearter e100 for my 10 gallon tank i didn't have any problems with it. Just only one day the LF code came up flashing on the screen and i just moved the heater a little bit more fron the corner and that fixed it and it didnt showed up again. I really love it and recommend it 100%. When i buy a new tank i will buy this same heater from Corey. And excellent customer service too . Looking forward to keep buying when i buy more tanks. Easy to use for a bigginer also.

It’s fishy good

I love it. I use it for my pea puffer tank . It’s easy to use.

Great Heater!

In time I will be switching all my heaters to this type. Simple to use, sleek looking and heats evenly


I like the display and it seems to be an effective heater. The LF warning is nice to have as well.

200 watt for my 60 gal. Planted tank.

It worked right of the box. I kept it set at its factory set temp at 77f. It didn't take long at all to stabilize the temp either. Great buy.