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Plants Are Growing Great

I love the programability and the night settings. My plants are all bubbling away now and it looks nice and lush in my 46 gallon bowfront. LED is the way forward for me.

There’s room for improvement: after power outages it sets night mode instead of program mode (only a problem if you are out of town when the power goes out). But I’m happy with this light.

bright, programmable, low mass LED

Fluval LED freshwater 3.0 light:

I ordered this light after seeing it reviewed on youtube. It is very light, with low mass. Bright at it's highest level. Adjustable ends are nice. Connection with bluetooth and android Fluval phone app is very nice. It's easy to program, although your choices are limited. I compared this light to a comparable 48 inch daylight LED that has 32 - 3 watt LED's. However, using smart plug measurements, it is realistically only 62 watts, which is close to what the Fluval is rated, so I'm using that as my comparison line. Brightness (to naked eye) is close to simple LED daylight floodlights found on some of my tanks.

Alone, this light is probably good for low to medium, easy freshwater plants. Combined with another, might provide enough light for all/most freshwater plant aquariums. If it were brighter I'd give it 5 stars.

user-programmable in terms of color/LED balance for 4 settings
preset colors available
manual or auto control
manual control via bluetooth or touch control on light
different colors of LED rather than just all 6500K
low mass, small footprint, very thin and narrow
adjustable endpoints for long light fixture, which sits directly on top of tank

runs hot when LED's are at highest level
don't think it is bright enough for some plants

Well worth the money

I have a lightly planted 55 gallon tank with mostly low light plants (anubias primarily). I had been using a couple of dual T-5 fixtures, but wanted the flexibility of changing the colors and the intensity of the light. While I am not seeing any increases in plant growth rates, I didn't notice any melting or adverse reactions to the new light. I am very glad that I went with the 48-60" light since the light is spread evenly throughout the tank. My only complaint is that the app really has a lot of room for improvement in regards to functionality and the user interface.

What a difference!

This is my first "name brand" light, I bought it for a 55g I am doing a soil/sand planted tank with. I have had it for a couple of weeks, but just started planting yesterday. This light is amazing. The app is fantastic, and I can easily notice the build quality difference from the no name lights on my 20Ls. Bit of a leap for a DIY cheapskate, but well worth it. I expect it will last many years. Light arrived safe and sound after the USPS took it on a tour for a few extra days.

Great Product, Bad Shipping

I have zero complaints about the light itself. My plants have grown so fast under the light, and the settings are amazing. The packaging was very frustrating though. In addition to the light, I ordered 7 plants. The light was not only shipped in the actual fluval box you would see in a local store (NO cardboard box with packing peanuts), but the 7 plants I ordered were shoved into the fluval box with the light. Upon arrival, the fluval box was dented all over, and I thought for sure that the light was broken. I couldn’t find the plants and thought the order had been messed up until I got the light out out of the box to check for damages and the plants came out with it. When I order a $100+ light, I expect it to be better protected than the standard packaging you would see on a petsmart shelf.

We ship in the original box as it is designed to be shipped. We have shipped many thousands of lights this way and have a less than 0.06% damaged product during shipping. As a company we don't purchase packing peanuts, we will recycle ones into packing that we receive with shipments if needed. We stand behind our products and are the only company that I know of that replaces your light within 3 years instead of directing you to the manufacturer. As a company we have chosen to not add extra expense to the consumer and waste to the world for these lights. This would add cost or sacrifice our warranty as compared to other vendors. I am unaware of another company that offers priority shipping on these lights and takes care of the 3 years warranty in house. We are always saddened to hear of an unsatisfied customer. Please do know you're welcome to return your items for a full refund in the first 30 days if you wish. I have added a disclaimer on our lights that indicates we ship in the original box to avoid future frustrations by others.