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Fluval Plant 3.0 LED NANO

Made by Fluval 


15 Watts

50,000 Hours of Life

Fluval Smart APP for a fully customizable color spectrum and programmable 24 hour light cycle.

Dimensions are 5"x 5" (12.7 x 12.7 cm)

1000 lumens and 63 LEDs

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Extreme satisfied and happy!

It’s inevitable, once you purchased one, and get used to the convenience of not having to mess with timers, and you have the light settings dialed in, you just can’t go to any other type of lights for your tanks! I have 3 nano tanks, a planted tank and a main display, and all of them or powered by Fluval Planted 3.0 LED lights, courtesy of Aquarium Co-op!
Thanks to Cory and warehouse crew!!!

Great light

The light is great. Thought I had high light until I installed this unit and wow it was a whole lot brighter for sure. The app works great. Only thing I don’t like is at the end of your light cycle you can’t set a specific timeline for the blues to go off. This wouldn’t be a problem for me if the blues weren’t so bright even at the lowest setting of 1% but they are still too bright to leave on overnight at 1%. This forces me to get on the app every night before I go to bed to shut the blues off. Still not a deal breaker seeing as I’ve bought 3 of these lights and all are working great.

Fluval nano

Good light, easy to set up and the software is much easier to use then I had expected it would be, its a little kludgy but playing with it for a bit you will figure it out easily. Great buy for a small planted tank setup.

App is a deal breaker

The only reason I am not buying this light for my 5 gal is because of the app. The app allows only a single photoperiod.

Also feels like it was developed without a product owner (subject matter expert) or a really bad one since the usability is not very intuitive

I have the non-nano version of this product and the build and the light quality it puts out is top notch.

Great nano tank led

Got one of these to Retrofit my fluval flex 15. My plants are growing great. First time success, not first attempt. Had a little trouble with the app connecting to the light, but that's gone away. No trouble any longer. Will purchase the next one from co-op.