Fluval Plant 3.0 LED NANO

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Made by Fluval 


15 Watts

50,000 Hours of Life

Fluval Smart APP for a fully customizable color spectrum and programmable 24 hour light cycle.

Dimensions are 5"x 5" (12.7 x 12.7 cm)

1000 lumens and 63 LEDs

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nano Light

What a great idea! A programable light that comes on slowly so it doesn't shock my fish. The blue night light is a nice touch. I mounted it on a wall next to the tank using a L bracket so I have no water splashing on the mount. I have a Hex shaped tank with no usable lip so a wall mount was great. I love that I can program it with my Smart Phone and I pad.

Fluval nano light

Used on a frog vivarium and I love the ease of use and customization with the app. Will definitely get more of the 3.0s for my other tanks.

Perfect, no buyer's remorse.

I replaced and upgraded my stock light to this Fluval and I love it. It's been running on my planted shrimp nano 5 gallon tank for 2 weeks now.
Plants couldn't be happier and I love the color spectrum. Super bright, I was surprised. The sunrise and sunset features are great. At 1% blue light only, I find the moonlight effect perfect. I'll buy another one for my next build.

My favorite nano light thus far.

I run four separate nano tanks with a variety of lighting. I can certainly confirm that this nano light is my favorite little light. I love how customizable the light is, and the clip and profile have an excellent aesthetic. The clip works perfectly on a rimless tank, which most nano tanks are, the stand also swivels so that you can position the clip in the back corner and still have the light centered over the tank. My other tanks run Kessil and Finnex planted+ but I may be buying more of these lights in the future. The only drawback to the nano 3.0 is that in the case of a power outage, it stays off until you return to turn it back on via bluetooth. Hopefully, a software update will come through and make it possible.

Not what I thought it would be

Light doesn't do what I wanted it to do. I wanted a 24 hour fixture that would be bright during the day and very dim at night. At 1% power it is to brite for me at night. I would say it's about 70% when set at 1%. I stopped running the light at night and now use it like a light on a timer. The ramp up and down could be a nice feature, but I'm never around do see it.
I will say it seams well built and sturdy. If a person wants a light for the sun up sun down it may be worth every penny, but it doesn't do what I wanted. I will say I think it could be a great light for someone who wants to control sun up and sun down, if they don't want any light at night.
I'm not saying it's a bad light, just that it doesn't do what I wanted it to do. I feel like I could have spent a lot less an got the same thing I ended up with.