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Fluval Submersible LCD Aquarium Heater

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Advanced Electronic Aquarium Heater

The LCD temperature display provides peace of mind as the actual aquarium water temperature is continuously displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. During normal operation the temperature read out will change color if the aquarium water varies +/-1°C or +/-2°F or more from the preset temperature. Make sure to mount the heater at a 45 degree angle to get best heat distribution. We recommend 5 watts of heater per gallon of water. When in heating more than 10 degrees from room temperature, consider up sizing. Also we highly recommend using a glass top to keep your heat in. 

  • LCD displays actual water temperature 
  • High/Low temperature alert 
    • Should any external heat sources or other equipment, such as chillers, cause the aquarium water temperature to rise or fall beyond 3°C or 5.5°F, the colored screen will flash, indicating a potential risk.
  • Precise and easy temperature adjustment
    • With the easy to use adjustment lever the temperature can be precisely set in 0.5°  increments
  • Advanced fish protection
    • The integrated fish guard offers advanced protection. Fish and invertebrates cannot come in direct contact with the heater core. The heater is protected against shocks from large fish species.
Model Aquarium Size
E100 up to 30 gallons 
E200 up to 65 gallons
E300  up to 100 gallons


Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
So user friendly!

The setup was so easy. The LCD screen makes it very simple to walk past the tankn and get a quick reading. The bracket that attaches to the glass has a release that makes it quick work to release the heater without having to take the suction cups off the glass. Love it!

My favorite heater.

I have several of these running and I love them. It shows the temperature, allows you to set the temperature in .5 temp intervals. It also has a low flow notification which is nice. I will say that after 10 of these, I had one not work correctly, but that is where the awesome refund/repair policy from fluval makes it completely work it. The Co-op team made the replacement so easy. Very happy.

Fluval E200

Heater has been working funtioning beutifully. No issues at all. Also reallt appreciate that it lets you know whem there is not enough flow in the aquarium.

Great heater

This heater has everything you want and more. I love the fact that it displays the temp so I no longer have to put in other temperature reading devices as well as the heater.

Bought 3, but only using one

The one I am using seems great. Of course winter is the real test... E300 in a 75 gallon tank.