Gang Valve

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4-Way Valve

  • Accurately controls air flow
  • Accessible knobs allow for easy adjustment of air flow 

Directions for Use:

  • Loosen bracket screw and hang AccuAir gang valve on aquarium frame
  • Carefully tighten bracket screw, do not over tighten
  • Attach airlines of tank accessories to the top nozzles of AccuAir gang valve 
  • To add more AccuAir gang valves to the set up use a length of airline tubing to connect them at the side nozzles 
  • use and end cap at the end of the line. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Excellent Product!

2-way and 4-way. I loved the 2-way I purchased so much that I replaced my two old other brand 4-ways with these also! I love how they sit at an angle and that positions are adjustable. Your airline tubing will not be bent funny or crimped when using these. The position of the assembly and size of knobs make it super easy to use, without fumbling around.

My favorite gang valve! If unsure, just get one... you'll be super pleased!

Fit for purpose

Good quality, works well.

2-way Gang Valve

These work extremely well to control air flow and it's easy to setup. I am using one air pump for two tanks and I can split the air with a great deal of control.

AccuAir gang valve

I really like this gang valve. I had a different brand previously and the valves were difficult to adjust and the position of the nipples were awkward to get the tubing on. I highly recommend the AccuAir gang valve. I will purchase in the future.

Multi valve works great

I love it. No matter what it doesn't clog. It is easy to use. Easy setup.