API General Cure


This is what we use here at the store and at Cory's fish room to treat every fish we come into contact with. For us we've never had problems using it with inverts, scaleless fish, and plants.

Commonly used to treat:

Dosing Instructions:

For best results remove activated carbon. For each 10 gallons empty one packet directly into aquarium. (For 850mg jar, use one scoop [1 tsp] per 20 gallons) Repeat dose after 48 hours, after another 48 hours change 25% of water. 2 dosing treatments required for full treatment.

Treats 100 gallons. Comes with 10 packets that treat 10 gallons each. 850gm Container treats 3270 gallons.



Customer Reviews

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New fish tank

Im very happy with your service everything was perfect

It works

It works everytime I need it to. I have even bit the bullet and purchased the jar size at this point due to my multiple tank syndrome. Highly recommend buying from the CO OP when it is carried at the CO OP I put my money here. Thanks much great product, excellent company, excellent advice.

Good price on something every fish keeper should have in the refridgerator.

Waiting for medication to ship or paying big box store prices is awful. Consider keeping a small amount in the fridge at all times. It is nice to find good prices on something we will all need eventually.

Great Stuff

Use this stuff on all my fish I get in following the quarantine trio :) Haven't had a bad time with it yet. Love that it has a few different meds combined together. Very easy to dose as it's a powder. Only thing I think API can improve is selling medium sized quantities of them instead of either 10 small packets or the giant jar. Shipped fast and in a nicely packaged box. No complaints shopping wise.

Part of the Trifecta

I bought General Cure as part of Cory’s Quarantine combo, because it seemed like my fish were living but not thriving. I did my research and suspected they might have some underlying medical issues. After watching Cory’s videos it seemed like I had some lingering parasite issues. I ordered and treated my whole 60 gallon planted tank with great trepidation, as I knew I might wipe out all my fish. My tank has a rope fish, swordtails, a flag fish, flying foxes, snails, and feeder shrimp (rope fish chow). That said, Cory knows what he is doing as I did not have a mass extermination event, but instead my fish are now thriving with increased activity and much brighter colors. I cannot say that General Cure by itself was the ultimate solution for me, but it was part of a whole package that worked well. I have now treated my second 60 gallon tank with exactly the same success. It is probably more cost effective and better to use a quarantine tank, but I wanted to know I had a clean environment and occupants. That is exactly what I got. Thank you again for the quick shipping and excellent video advice.

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