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Known by the name "Seiryu" in Japan this is one of the most popular rocks for aquascaping being particularly known for Iwagumi styles. You'll get the exact stones pictured.

These rocks come in a wide variety of colors and we’ve created 10#(approx.) sets from our very large stones that are too big to ship. Each set is mostly from just one large stone, meticulously broken into smaller more manageable sized pieces. Not only do you get a beautiful stone collection of similar, if not exact, color, but we’ve taken care of the hard part and presented you with these lovely sets with no inevitable dust and gravel from breaking the stones. I can’t stress this enough, it’s near impossible for the pictures to do them justice. Beautiful against the backdrop of a planted aquarium.

No need to scrub off dirt and mud! All our Seiryu Stone comes pre-washed for your convenience to get you to your ideal aquascape faster. Rocks may be dusty from breakage during in shipping, for best results give the stones a quick rinse under water before addition to your home aquarium. 


Customer Reviews

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Get your rocks off... Aquarium coop

Ordered 2 10lbs box's of random stone. Lost of great character even in the random box's. Can't wait to order more.

water deco review

Seiryu Stone is gorgeous, giving natural look and beauty, imagination is vast with how to arrange/use this stone. Well packaged, timely delivery.

Awesome selection of bulk seiryu!

Love the variety of seiryu included in this bulk order! Nice big pieces plus a couple small ones.

eiryu rock

As advertised: Looks great in my aquarium.... I love this rock

Not Happy

I just got my 10lb rock of Seiryu stone I purchased, yes 1 10lb stone that so far has proven extremely difficult to break into usable pieces. I’m making crushed stone so far. I looked at the photos and read your all comments and everyone was so happy with the pieces and unique look of your stones I never thought I would get one big stone! And it was to be used in a 10 gal tank I’m trying to scape. So if anyone else is looking for stone I would suggest requesting pieces so you too don’t get stuck like I did with one stone that’s very difficult to break up.