Hikari Freeze Dried Krill

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  • Free of Harmful Parasites and Bacteria
  • Excellent Protein Source
  • Similar Taste and Texture As Live Krill

Hikari Freeze Dried Krill is a superior color enhancing treat packed full of protein and vitamins. This food has the same texture and taste previously only available with live krill. It quickly softens when put in water for easy feeding. Feeding freeze dried krill promotes healthy growth, immune support and brilliant color in fish. This food can also be very helpful if transitioning fish to dry foods who previously only ate live food such as arowanas or other predators. Fish are strongly attracted to krill. Mixing this food with blood worms, for example, can make for an easy switch. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
MVZ -.M. (Detroit, MI, US)
Freeze dried Krill

I have not opened the Krill yet, felt it wasn’t a good idea to give 3 new foods all close together. ( The fish get a variety of foods, so I am introducing the 3 new foods gradually.) They liked the fancy guppy food and the freeze dried brine shrimp. Their colors seem deeper too. Happy fish! Good products!

MVZ -.M. (Detroit, MI, US)
Freeze dried Krill.

I haven’t opened the package yet. The freeze dried brine shrimp, I didn’t know came in cubes. I crumbled a cube, it contained enough in 1 cube for months. ( I give them a variety of foods.)

Lisa B. (Tafton, PA, US)
Great food from a great company!

I am very happy with this food. My fish love it and I break some of it up for my smaller fish. Everyone goes crazy for this. I LOVE Aquarium Co-op as well. Great service and they are fast! Everything is packaged well. They are my new go to place for ordering!!

Carole C. (Eighty Four, PA, US)
Really crspy!

Nothing worse than Krill that won't crumble. Have no fear, this Krill will make both big and small fish happy!

Dwight E. (Smithfield, NC, US)
Freeze Dried Krill

My fish absolutely go WILD for these!!!