Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel

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  • Natural Color-Enhancing Ingredients
  • Easy for Fish to Digest
  • Complete Nutrition for Plant-Eating Fish

Hikari's Sinking Cichlid Excel is made with fish meal, spirulina, krill meal and other ingredients to provide complete nutritional balance to African Cichlids and other plant-eating fish. Goldfish and Livebearers love this food as well. It is in the form of a sinking pellet. For the floating pellet version, see Hikari Cichlid Excel. This food is quite nutritious, easy for fish to digest, color enhancing and promotes healthy growth long term.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Kirk (Edmonds, WA, US)
Hikari Cichlid Excel

My mbuna LOVE this food!! I feed them a proper daily diet of Spirulina flake and this Hikari sinking Excel is a treat for them, being that it's higher in animal protein.

Wes T.

Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel

Joe K. (Fayetteville, AR, US)
My fish seem to like the mini version best

I didn't have much luck with the larger pellets so I tried the mini pellets and my fish are eating it much better.

JaneZ (Hauppauge, NY, US)
Great Cichlid Food

My Cichlids love this food! Highly recommend it! Sellers products are awesome and prices are fair.

Christopher H. (Alexandria, VA, US)
My Mbuna love it

They eat it