Lava Rock Air Stone

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The Lava Rock Airstone is awesome. The bubbles come out from the holes in the lava rock and creates a great surface for bacteria to colonize as well. Each piece if different as all rocks will have unique character to them.

Comes with a small piece of air line tubing. We recommend purchasing longer airline tubing to reach your air pump. 

*Must have an air pump to connect to this air stone to produce air.*

Customer Reviews

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Lava Rockin' Bubbles!

I love my Lava Rock Air Stone! I have to mention here how awesome Aquarium Coop customer service is. When I received my Lava Rock Air Stone I noticed the air valve was broken off. I sent an email to the shipping department and immediately got a response from Justin, letting me know that a replacement was waiting to be picked up by USPS and a tracking number to boot! Just like that! As with my original order, it arrived in record time.

My Cory's love playing in the bubbles and really enjoy their new toy. I wanted a unique air stone and the Lava Rock Air Stone fit the bill and it also looks amazing in my tank! Thank you Aquarium Coop!!

Nice but some issues

I really like how they look in my tanks (2). I wasn't really sure if I would. I wasn't expecting that on one the air would mainly come from one opening. the other doesn't do that, but I can't set it the way I like, not sure why. I didn't use the included air hose. I had trouble with attaching one air hose, but did succeed. So, I'm hope that one the one the air find more openings, and the other will stand to hide the air hose connection. Other than that, I really am pleased with the look of these in my tank, and they do oxygenate.

Natural looking airstone

This is an awesome looking airstone. It is very natural looking (each one is shaped slightly different), will fit with many different decorations and provides plenty of bubbles. I have already bought 3 and I'm planning on buying more to put in the rest of my tanks.

Such a cool product!

It is a natural air stone! I love the look of this in my Aquarium
Glad Cory decided to import some

Great addition

Very interesting looking air stone to add to my aquarium. Spreads out the air more than a traditional air stone too. As always quick service and shipping from the team.