Mag Float Scraper Blades Acrylic

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  • Helps Remove Tough Algae Spots
  • Blades Are Acrylic Safe
  • Easily Attaches to Mag Float

Attach these Mag-Scrape blades to the small and medium size Mag Floats for hard to clean algae spots that won't come off with scrubbing alone. These blades are intended to reduce overall cleaning time and effort. They are safe to use on acrylic tanks and surfaces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Little F. (Crystal Beach, FL, US)
Oh my gosh

Are you serious? I haven't been able to see my guppies in a tank by the window for YEARS. It had HARD algae that I've ruined a credit card while trying to use it as a scraping tool. But still I could not get rid of enough of it. Every water change I would scrub until my arms hurt but it really never made a difference and I did not feel like emptying out the tank to bleach it or anything like that. I even took most of the water down to just a few inches and dabbed peroxide all over the front so at least I could see my fish, but it did not do a thing to the rock hard algae. Then I bought the mag float medium and these blades oh my goodness I cannot even believe it, I mean I had to show my friend cuz I was laughing it worked so good it was comical! You don't even have to barely try I just moved the mag float and it scraped that stuff off like it was warm butter, unbelievable!

Marybeth B. (Yacolt, WA, US)

Works great.

Shay (Rockville, MD, US)
So good

It works really well. Was worried about scratches or it breaking, but it worked amazingly well. Definitely recommend

Z. (San Francisco, CA, US)
Easiest Way to Clean Algae off of Acrylic Surface

Great, easy to use product. The blades easily slide onto the acrylic Mag-Float cleaners, and are safe on acrylic. Much easier than reaching in to the tank to clean algae off of the inside of the acrylic.

Kenny M. (Cameron, NC, US)
Mag float scraper blades

A nice accessory to your mag float the acrylic blade works real well at getting the scaly Algae off. Wish mag float would package them together as one unit.