Mag Float Scraper Blades Glass

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  • Helps Remove Tough Algae Spots
  • Blades Are Glass Safe
  • Easily Attaches to Mag Float

Attach these Mag-Scrape blades to the small and medium size Mag Floats for hard to clean algae spots that won't come off with scrubbing alone. These blades are intended to reduce overall cleaning time and effort. They are safe to use on glass tanks only. Please use acrylic-safe Mag-Scrape blades for acrylic tanks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Diane M. (Florissant, MO, US)
Works great......

....for an addition to an already super tool. Necessary for that pesky, hard, green spot algae! Get it!

mercedes (Shelton, WA, US)
Works great


Darryl K. (Prineville, OR, US)
Excellent Scraper

Works perfectly for getting algae of the glass. Better than any other brand I've tried. Top tier product!

TobyBettaPhish (Castle Rock, CO, US)
Works better than I could believe!

I love these scrappers. I always saw other hobbyists using razor blades to scrape off that annoying algae layer on tanks. I could never find a regular old razor blade that wasn’t A) going to lacerate me or my fish B) be easy to hold C) have a coating of some sort on the blade that I personally am not comfortable risking placing in my aquarium.

These are perfect, combined with the mag float and algae sponges you rarely have to get your hands wet (at least not up to your armpits). My advice? Couple these with the sponges. Cut the sponges in half lengthwise and place between mag float and glass. Easy scrubbing and you can use these razors for any tough spots without any of the aforementioned worries!

Ryan H. (Everett, WA, US)

Unfortunately, the entire kit is rather expensive, due in part to the rising cost of magnets. But if you have a busted shoulder like I do, it’s really your best option for maintaining crystal clear glass.

If you keep otocinclus, just make sure to leave a discrete area of glass uncleaned. That’s what I do anyway.