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A Multi-Purpose Treatment For Disease Conditions

  • Treats Hole -In-The-Head
  • Treats Lateral Line Disease
  • Contains Slime- Coat Replacer
  • Treats 100 Gallons


  • Powerful Proven Ingredient
  • Works Systematically
  • Targets Infected Area
  • Slime-Coat Replacer Speeds External Healing
  • Can Be Used As A Bath Or With Food
  • Highly Effective Against Lateral Line & Hole-In-The-Head Diseases

Contains: metronidazole (2-methyl-5-nitroimidazole--1-ethanol)(active ingredient); sodium chloride, synthetic polymers and a chelating agent

Customer Reviews

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Awesome medicine

Having done some research on medicine and internal parasites I was looking for something similar to general cure. Metro is basically General Cure without the Prazi. I mixed it with frozen blood worms. I measured out about 200mg of powder, with my digital scale. And let it absorb. Im pleasantly surprised for if treating for internals, you don't use a whole lot when taken with food, This stuff will last me a while!! I'm happy to report that after 6 or so treatments stringy poop seems to be gone and my rasboras, cherry barbs and even Cory cats look way way more active then they used to be. I really feel like this stuff did the trick. I haven't seen them this active since I first got them. Will be medicating more fish soon! I do recommend this product for internal parasites. Especially if you don't want to mediate too much and want to target specific things.

Id give 6 stars for shipping speed. Aq co-op shipping speed is out of the world.