Nano Easy Green Fertilizer

16oz Treats 240 Gallons.

*Store fertilizers upright and away from children. Pump heads are not leak proof.

Dosing Instructions:
Low-Medium Light
1 Pump per 1 gallon once a week.

Medium-High Light
1 Pump per 1 gallon twice a week.

  • N 1.34% 
  • P 0.10% 
  • K 3.89% 
  • Mg 0.39% 
  • S 0.45% 
  • B 0.01% 
  • Cu 0.00% 
  • Fe 0.08% 
  • Mn 0.02% 
  • Mo 0.00% 
  • Zn 0.01%

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
My favorite for lightly stocked nano tanks

The squirt bottle is absurdly convenient compared to mixing your own micros/macros and the 12 bottles of seachem you need to fully dose a tank. I use it on high- and low-tech tanks.

Awesome Results

In only a few days I've been seeing a big increase in growth rate. Awesome product and it hasn't bothered my fish at all! As usual, packaging was very good. That might not seem significant, but it's an issue I run into all the time when I order from larger sites.

Very surprised and happy

I was a little skeptical of using this fert, mostly because I was not sure if I was getting an honest product or there was just some marketing hype around it. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my plants display notable growth within a couple days it also encouraged little sprouting leaves on plants I was ready to give up on. I will be purchasing this fert regularly as it is very easy to dose on smaller tanks. My only recommendation is that I would love to have other sized bottles like the non-nano version of easy green.


Awesome Fert!

I am so glad I tried the Easy Green Nano! My plants are rockin'. I was a little worried about my snail & shrimp but they have not been affected at all. Getting lush growth & my inverts & betta are none the wiser. I have found my fertilizer. High five Aquarium Co-op!

Picture to go with my review...

Here is a picture to go with my review...

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