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Perfect for my 5.5 gallon

Purchased this along with an AquaClear 30 sponge and mini intake filter for a ‘hot-rodded’ setup. It was easy to install and has been running quietly since it arrived (which was super fast from ordering). I like the adjustable flow.

The AquaClear 30 sponge fits snugly inside and adds much more surface area than the stock cartridge.

Adding the mini intake filter required a minimal amount of work. The hole in the sponge is slightly larger that the pickup tube on the Finnex filter. This was fixed by heating up a small piece of 5/8 ID tubing in hot water and sliding it over the filter pickup. Now the intake filter fits tightly.

Same filter as AZOO Mignon 150

This is the exact same filter as the AZOO Mignon 150. The only difference is that the AZOO comes with a pre-filter sponge to slide over the intake tube. The price is comparable, depending on where you buy it.

I gave the filter 4 stars instead of 5 because I'd purchased two AZOOs elsewhere prior to this Finnex, and one of them died on me within 12 hours of plugging it in. The replacement is running fine, and the filter is quiet. The funny thing is that I'd ordered the Finnex because I wanted to try something different, and it turns out that I'm getting the same filter but without the pre-filter sponge.

Great small filter

I broke a filter and ordered this in a hurry. Order came within a couple days and the product is fantastic. Definitely would recommend for a small tank.

Great little filter

This is a great little filter for my betta. He is very picky about current and this filter finally did the trick. The adjustable flow is awesome to have on such a small filter. Very quiet and easy to set up. Mine originally got damaged in shipping and I was immediately sent a new one without any hassle. Great filter and great customer service.

Nice little filter

I'm setting up 4 tanks for my new Bettas. I had watched Corey's video on filter hacks and was very impressed with his system. With needing 4 new filters economy was foremost in the planning. I purchased the filters, AquaClear foam inserts and the Filter-Max IIi Pre-filters. They were so easy to set up, only took a few minutes, plugged them in and after the initial priming noise settled, they are as can be. I would highly recommend this system.