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Never Clog Air Stone

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Best Seller

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These are the best air stones out there. They are weighted so they naturally sink. They can be taken apart so that if they were to ever clog, they can be cleaned or replace the disks outright.  They also work great inside sponge filters. Really they are the best air stone money can buy. Instead of replacing a cheap ceramic air stone every 4-6 months as they get worse and worse for bubbles, install one of these once and nearly never worry about it again. Tighten or loosen the disks to change how big the bubbles are.

Customer Reviews

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Works great

Bubblers are relatively simple and inexpensive, but perform really important functions. You might as well spend the extra $1 and get the best you can get. Customizability is great and I like that they're weighted. Pairs perfectly with the $8 air pumps that the Co-Op sells, and fits the Fluval black tubing perfectly too.

The best airstone hands down

The ability to modify this airstone is the key. The ability to fine tune the bubble size is awesome. My favorite part is the weight of the nut end that helps to keep the stone from rising to to surface. I've converted all of my old stones into these and will be using them for the foreseeable future.

Never clog air stone mod= sleep

I did it. I put a never clog air stone in my sponge filter to create fine bubbles and to quiet my tank in my bedroom. It took some time but the filter runs great, the bubbles are not loud anymore and filter runs great.

Works well, and is a convenient size for my nano aquariums!

This airstone works well, and I love that you can adjust the size of the bubbles. Great option to use with the excellent nano pump when transporting fish!

These Things Are Slick!

Not sure if they will never clog or not, but they work extremely well, and the extra weight keeps them from floating around. Nice product.