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Well-liked by all.

I was a bit skeptical about a pellet food that all of my fish would eat, from cichlids, to goldfish, to bettas and endlers. I trust the Aquarium Co-Op brand and reputation so I gave it a try. Much to my surprise, all of my fish love this pellet. The eartheaters will rise to the surface to clean up the pellets, the endlers will pick at it until the pellet is consumed, the goldfish have not had any buoyancy problems, and even picky bettas are willing to eat it. Consider me a fan!

Great food

My fish love it!
My community tank consist of Molly's, GlowLight tetra, Bettas, and orange shrimp. I have seen them all eat it and it's a very clean food. I just wish the pellets we're a bit smaller.

Great Food

The food floats great so it's easy to cleanup if my Angelfish don't eat all of it. They usually do though as it must be delicious.

A little to big

My fish eat it just fine just little to big so they dont finish all of it

Ok, but make sure your fish like floating foods

Nutritionally this food is fine. But I discovered that most of my fish don’t like floating food after purchasing this. I have a community tank with angels, gouramis, roseline sharks and corys. These pellets float, they will never sink. So my bottom dwelling corys weren’t going to eat it. My roselines won’t go higher than mid-tank, so to feed them I have to grab some pellets, stick my arm in the tank and release the pellets near the bottom, ideally under the spray bar. That gives the roselines about 10 seconds to eat the pellets before they reach the top. At the top, my angels want nothing to do with them, which is why I have a bunch of fat gourami.