Omnivore Pellet Mix

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6oz Omnivore Small Pellet Mix is a floating pellet that is great for Africans, Goldfish, Cichlids, Bettas, Small Koi etc. The 2lb Large pellet mix is a much larger pellet.

  • Protein - 35% 
  • Fat - 5% 
  • Fiber - 3% 
  • Ash - 13% 
  • Calcium - 2% 
  • Lysine - 0.5% 
  • NaCl - 3% 
  • Moisture - 10%

Food Makeup:

Fish meal - advanced wheat flour - Spirulina - Krill - Shrimp meal - Brine Shrimp - deep-sea fish oil - yeast meal - rose algae - astaxanthin - astacin - wheat germ - stable multi-vitamins - multi-minerals

Customer Reviews

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My Gourami loves this food.

I have a Gourami in a tank with 16 tiger barbs. They all get along just fine, it's just that the barbs are so competitive for food with everything I've been feeding them. They eat these too but not as fast. The Gourami can casually swim around and gulp these down. Thanks!

I wish they were more clearly labeled as floating pellets.

Other than as the titles states the fish i have that feed from the surface love them. i wish these were a mix of floating and sinking pellets so all my fish could eat them. i didnt know when i ordered them so i ended up having to get more fish food. but i am happy that the pellets are small as i have mostly smaller fish.

Very fast processing

It was a pleasure doing business with this company, product is quality, professionalism is clearly a priority.

My fish love it.

The size was a lot smaller than I was expecting. All my fish love it. I mostly just feed my beta with it, because of its size, but my koi and goldfish go crazy for it as well. I would definitely buy it again, but the large pellet size.


I wish the pellets were a little bit smaller. My fish like other food better.