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Penn Plax Deluxe Net Breeder

Penn Plax Deluxe Net Breeder is the baby saver for any ideal livebearers and or egglayers! Comes with plastic breeding grass for baby fry to hide in and keep from jumping. This net breeder also floats.

Dimensions are 6 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 5 5/8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Not difficult to put together. Seems flimsy at first but once you have the top and bottom in it’s sturdy. I used it to grow out my fry while in the main tank. The plastic plants are no good easier to just buy some java moss.

So far so good

A little tricky to initially put it together (make sure you read the instructions!) but once it was together it seems sturdy enough. I've had it in my tank for a few days now and all my fry seem to be doing well.

Loved the product!

This is one of the best breeders Ive ever came across for the price. Lining up the edges to assemble it can be tricky but once you have it all together its very sturdy. Good design. Great value.

Net Breader

I like these so good I am planning on buying another one. Works great for saving small fry until they are big enough to be let go in a fank. Helps to keep them together so they are able to find food.

Works Very Well

It’s very easy to put together, which worked well because I had two Lyretails giving birth. This was easy to set up in the tank so I could take my time netting all the fry without shocking them before they were moved into their grow out tank. The box fit into my 5 gallon bucket so I could acclimate everyone slowly.