Brazilian Pennywort

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  • Flat, Round Leaf Shape
  • Easy to Grow
  • Provides Cover For Fish and Fry

Brazilian pennywort is a versatile and unique plant that will draw eyes to any aquarium. It has flat, rounded leaves that almost look like little umbrellas when growing underwater. Over time, it will grow upwards toward the light and will send out light green leaves from its vine-like stems as it grows along. 

This plant is easy to care for and does very well in a medium to higher light tank. Once it takes off, Brazilian pennywort will add tons of hiding places for fish and fry with its big leaves and may even grow right out the top of your tank if left untrimmed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 294 reviews
Joemar P. (Seattle, WA, US)
Amazing quality

I loved the way the green was extremely vibrant. It had no damages whatsoever.

Rocky S. (Weatherford, OK, US)
What a plant

This awesome little plant has almost doubled in size in 3 weeks! Mostly from new stems. I can’t say enough about the awesome packaging my order was in. Plants were in zip locks with wet tissue and in an awesome insulated bag. I love the insulated bag. I will repurpose it. I think I’ll use it to transport new fish from my local fish store.
I can’t believe the time and thought to create perfect shipment and alot of what I bought was aquarium coop brands. Cory your coop has grown to be, by far the best in the USA. Thanks so much for providing us such outstanding Products and Service.
Rocky Shepherd
Weatherford, Oklahoma

Angelina D. (Murrieta, CA, US)
Nice little plant.

Arrived as pictured and only a few of the largest leaves melted when transplanted. It’s already rooting and putting new leaves out.
I’m lease don’t mind my Nerites in the photo lol

Joe (North Brunswick, NJ, US)
Cory catfish approved

My Brazilian pennywort arrived healthy and is growing like crazy. Me and my Cory catfish love it!

Joe B. (Elyria, OH, US)
Great Plant

Plant came well packed and arrived in excellent condition. Seeing new growth just two weeks after planting it.