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These are the best size caves for breeding bristlenose plecos. Yes, even longfin bristlenose use these to breed. These are great for em. Many other plecos as well. Not big enough for the common pleco though. 1.5 inch diameter hole. These are fragile and we do expect some to break during shipping from time to time. Please understand we will ship a new one as a replacement and it is the nature of shipping fragile things such as these. We will do everything we can to get them to you intact the first time.

* Due to the nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured, shipments may vary in size *

Customer Reviews

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Pleco cave

I have several bristle nose plecos and I bought another cave for the to breed in. Very happy with this product. Highly recommend them if you want to breed plecos.

Well Packaged and Great Material!

Very well packaged in a box of assorted goodies - it looks good in the tank and also is holding up well. Only issue is apparently my Pleco hates caves, but that isn't the Co-op's fault lol

Must have for breeding

If you want to breed plecos this is a must have item. The quality of this product is the best I have seen and the packaging was neat and professional
I trust Aquarium Co-Op with all my breeding supplies now

Pleco caves

I am very happy with the caves they were perfect

pleco cave

I bought this hoping it would get my pleco's breeding again. within 2 days my male has claimed it, pretty sure he is guarding eggs.
And as always Cory and his people are great to deal with, i ordered on thanksgiving and it was at my door on Monday, couldn't ask for better service.