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"Poly Filter" is its unique ability to change a different color with the absorption of specific pollutants. It turns blue with a copper salt, light green to aqua with free copper, orange with iron, red with aluminum, yellowish green with ammonia and white to beige to brown to black with the absorption of harmful organics. This unique feature not only assures the hobbyist that the "Poly Filter" is functioning but helps him to monitor changes in water conditions and tells him when to replace the filter.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome product

I have 7 different aquariums with various species of fish. I cut poly filters into small pieces and left it overnight to check for water quality. It worked great and found out I had some harmful organics in my planted aquariums. Great product.

Pretty cool!

I find it very interesting to see what the Poly Filter is sucking out of my water! It was helpful in my quarantine tank to make sure the water was ok. My main tank has a lot of tannins, so it is not as helpful there, but it is good to know I have it as a backup option. As far as service is concerned, I was very pleasantly surprised by how quickly my order arrived! This was my 1st order & it was all dry goods, but I will definitely continue to order in the future! I feel completely confident that any type of live order would be safely shipped.

Works great!

No complaints here. Very versatile tool to have.