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Python Squeeze Bulb

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The Squeeze bulb comes with a few different sized hose attachments so that you can adapt to your hose. Simply squeeze the bulb a few times with the gravel vac in the aquarium and the water will start flowing. No more having to suck on the end of the hose and getting a mouth full of aquarium water!

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I can not give a review

My dog chewed it up before I was able to use it xD

At least it's more durable.

I was tired of the bulb I had being too squishy and not pulling through my improvised system.
When water finally would flow I would get a nasty leak out of the fittings around the bulb. ENTER THIS ONE!
I had to replum the main hose and still havent found the best place in my system to permanently house the python bulb. I have to basically stand at the bucket at the end of my run instead of the tank I'm trying to clean or else I end up with an empty bucket and a very wet floor.


Pump works very well. Make sure you’re dumping into a bucket or something open (not a gallon jug). You have to prime it against your hand or something to start a suction.

Excellent squeeze bilb

Works better then the one from Python.

Python Squeeze Bulb

Works more efficiently than the cheaper plastic squeeze bulbs I got with my syphon kit. It may seem deceptive in that the small bulb doesn't seem to have a lot of syphon but it actually works very well. I am very glad I bought this product.