Quarantine Meds Trio

This Trio of Medications are what we use in-store to treat our incoming fish, all three can be used safely together. Through our testing this combination of medications has been shrimp, snail and plant safe.

E.M. Erythromycin to treat a broad spectrum of of bacterial infections

General Cure to treat a broad spectrum of internal parasites and mild external parasites

Ich-X to treat external parasites and fungal infections 

Pipette to measure Ich-X

 This Kit Includes:

  • 1 Box API General Cure
  • 1 Box API E.M. Erythromycin
  • 1 16oz Bottle Aquarium Solutions Ich-X

Customer Reviews

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Arrived super fast!

When you have a sick fish the last thing you need is to wait days and days for meds. These arrived extremely quickly. I used the meds based on tips from Cory's podcasts, and the fish is doing very well. I appreciate such clear and consistent advice when there are so many options out there. Ordering online is a life saver also - as the parent of a small child with the nearest local fish store >45 minutes away, I just could not drive to get these quickly.

Aquarium Safe

Aquarium Co-op continues to give the right advice and come through with quick shipping. I had some fish that just did not seem like they were thriving and I was very slowly losing fish. I watched several of Corey’s videos and decided that I probably had a fish parasite or disease. He recommended his quarantine product as a reliable method for treating current and new fish from the local shop. I do not have a quarantine tank, so I was a bit worried about treating my two 60 gallon tanks. I was worried about nuking all my fish. That said, I treated one per the directions and it worked great. My planted tank of swordtails, flag fish, and a rope fish is doing great. All the fish are more vibrant and energetic now. More importantly, the constant slow deaths have stopped. I have now also treated my sand bottom aquarium and it is doing great too. Thank you again, Aquarium Co-op.


Nice fast shipping,packaged with care. Would recommend to anybody that need supplies.

Wish I had bought from here

Bought this stuff in an emergency situation at my LFS, paid $60 in total, stuff works perfectly, within the first day of dosing I saw considerable improvement in the fish, in the future I will definitely be exclusively using this stuff from the co-op


Excellent products. I highly recommend using these if you are quarantining or medicating an already established display tank. Check out aquarium co-op on YouTube!

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