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Works great, if you buy the 3 pack of fluval sponges they fit well into the chambers. I use those and some filter floss and it works amazing in my tanks. Im switching most of my hang on back filters to these slim filters. A bag of bio-balls would likely work as well.


I had an S20 on the same tank since i was 17. Ten years later it still works perfectly

DONT waste money on cartridges just slide a inlet filter on and fill it with bio media.

10 years!

Very quiet HOB filter

I got this filter as part of the 20Gal Marina kit, and as a relatively new fishkeeper I think it's super easy to manage and it does its job well.

- Super quiet!
- Multiple filter pacs mean you don't destroy the bacteria colony every time you change the filter.
- Good flow control
- Slimline means it fits well in my apartment

- Slimline means its harder (but not impossible) to put a little bag of crushed coral in (needed because my tap ph is pretty low)
- Individual filters could be cheaper (Amazon usually has a deal that gets them down to about $2 each)
- small plastic "leveler" piece pops out easily. This is more just annoying than anything else. I'm thinking about gluing it in.

My water is sparkly clear, the filter makes almost no noise (If you hear a vibration sound something isn't fitted properly), and the slimline shape is pretty nice. I also found that it was easy to clean. I did manage to wedge a little nylon filter bag with a couple of tablespoons of crushed coral into the back of the filter. Don't just put the crushed coral into the filter outside of a bag- I did that, and it was a mess and prevented the filters from fitting properly. Probably just a N00B mistake :-D