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Seachem Flourish Root Tabs

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These are used for root feeding plants such as crypts, swords, vallisneria etc. They can also be used to give your stem plants a boost when initially planting them. We sell them in bulk and by the retail 40 pack.

Customer Reviews

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Great Product! Pricing...

I found it for $10 less on Amazon. However, this won't stop me from buying from you guys. I know Seachem plays favorites, and this is basically the only product of theirs I use. Good customer service, and it got to me fast. Thanks for the hard work!

Great price, service and product!

I use these tabs in multiple tanks and my plant growth is amazing. They're easy to use and Aquarium Co-op has the best price. Not to mention lightening fast shipping.

Shipping really impressed me

The Co Op is my go to for any online shopping. The root tabs are really stimulating new growth.

Dare I say they are easier to handle than the AQ Coop Tabs?

I use the Aquarium Coop tabs in my shrimp tanks as they are copper free but I prefer these solid Seachem root tabs in my other tanks as they are much easier to handle being a solid/pill form, not a gel tab. The AQ Coop root tabs hold air and tend to float up out of the substrate so you have to press them in really deep. Overall, they are hard to handle but the Seachem root tab product design is easier to handle. The concern with the Seachem product is the trace amount of copper which can be an issue if you have invertebrates though, to be honest, I think the amount of copper in the Seachem tabs is so small it will not be cause for concern. Overall, I really like the Seachem product.

Root Tabs

I have used the Seachem root tabs for a long time. I started getting them from the Coop because my LFS does not sell them in bulk. My plants have always had good growth using these root tabs.