Seachem Paraguard

ParaGuard™ is the only fish and filter safe aldehyde based (10% by weight) parasite control product available (for parasites on fish). Unlike highly toxic and difficult to use formalin based medications, ParaGuard™ contains no formaldehyde or methanol and will not alter pH. ParaGuard™ employs a proprietary, synergistic blend of aldehydes, malachite green, and fish protective polymers that effectively and efficiently eradicates many ectoparasites (e.g. ich, etc.) and external fungal/bacterial/viral lesions (e.g., fin rot). It is particularly useful in hospital and receiving tanks for new fish and whenever new fish are introduced to a community tank.

Customer Reviews

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A overall great product I use it to quarantine my face before I can place them in my main tank very easy on the fish less stressful on the fish all-around great product have been using and continue to use it currently for many years

Works Great

I have a 29 gallon planted tank with 13 runny nose tetras, 4 ototcats, 2 cherry barbs, 2 Siamese Algae Eaters and a Pearl Gourami. Every last fish had ich. This took it out in 7 Days with the heat up to 80 F. It harmed no plants in the process and didn’t stain a thing. Great Product

I used Paraguard successfully in my shrimp tank

I know that Seachem doesn't consider Paraguard to be shrimp safe, but I was having what I believe was a bacterial issue in my Neocaridina shrimp tank. I used the full recommended dosis for 5 days and it cleared it out without successfully. My shrimps look healthy again.

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