Sera Snack: Daphnia


Sera Daphnia Snack Professional

The gently co-extruded snack with 60% daphnia in the core can be stuck to the aquarium glass, excellently allowing to observe the fish while they are eating. Entirely without any colorants and preservatives, the snack is healthy, easily digestible and supports the metabolism of the fish due to its high daphnia amount.

Feeding guide: Feed small amounts several times a week. Soak for approx. 30 seconds, then stick to the aquarium glass by finger pressure. Alternatively: Let the chips sink to the bottom.

Ingredients: wheat gluten, corn starch, daphnia (20%) wheat flour, fish meal, fish oil (containing 49% omega fatty acids).

Guaranteed analysis

Min Crude Protein 40.8%
Min Crude Fat 4.4%
Max Crude Fiber 3.1%
Max Moisture 8.3%
Max Crude Ash 6.5%



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Missed the mark for me

None of my four tanks ate it, and they will eat anything.
It also did not stick to the side of the tankjust cracked instead. Overall the Coop is five stars. I

Fish seem to like them.

One of many foods in my weekly meal plan. Gourami's, Cory's, Oto's & Cardinals all seem to like them.

Fish love them

I cannot seem to get these to stick on the side of the glass in the tank so that is why I rated them 4 out of 5. But the fish love them and they will float in the floating plants and the guppies and baby angelfish go after them like they are candy.

Awesome addition!

These are an awesome food that are a hit with my community tank. They don't stick to the glass that well, but that doesn't matter because my pygmy corydoras and habrosus corys love them. The otocinclus go crazy for them as well. All around an awesome food that I would definitely buy again.

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