Sera Snack: Krill


Sera Krill Snack Professional

The gently co-extruded snack with 60% Krill in the core can be stuck to the aquarium glass, excellently allowing to observe the fish while they are eating. Entirely without any colorants and preservatives, the snack is healthy, easily digestible and supports color development of the fish due to its high krill amount.

Feeding guide: Feed small amounts several times a week. Soak for approx. 30 seconds, then stick to the aquarium glass by finger pressure. Alternatively: Let the chips sink to the bottom.

Ingredients: wheat gluten, corn starch, krill (20%), wheat flour, fish meal, fish oil (containing 49% omega fatty acids).

Guaranteed analysis

Min Crude Protein  45.4%
Min Crude Fat 4.3%
Max Crude Fiber 3.4%
Max Moisture 5.9%
Max Crude Ash 3.6%

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Worth it

Tried Sera Krill when they ran the 15% off sale. Never used Sera foods before but the discus love them! Took to them from the first feeding. I’d say it definitely worth it to try them! Plus Aquarium Co-op was fast on delivery too!

Picky eaters

The Mollie fish enjoy their tank but are not interested in the Krill snack yet.

Maybe they will change their minds soon.

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