Sera O Nip Tabs

Sera O Nip Tabs are the best way to get a great look at your fish. They combine lots of high end ingredients in a compressed tablet that you stick on the inside of your aquarium. Accepted by the a wide variety of fish, rarely will fish not go bonkers for these.

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No time is a good time to NOT use this product...

Just worked this into my food rotation. I have a small community tank (rasboras, BN plecos, honey gourami and pee puffer) and a species tank filled with 20+ Celestial Pearl Danios and snails. Both tanks went bonkers for this food. Attached 1 tablet per tank to the top third of the tank and it was fun to watch the fish frenzy. Especially liked how it slowly released/rained food particles down. The rasboras and CPDs responded well to this. Although, none of the fish nibble swarmed the tablet, it was still fun to watch. For small fish and light stocking loads a half or quarter tablet would have been better. Great product!!!

I'm sold!

Everyone loves this food, from my shrimp to my angels. Even my kitties come running when they see me feeding this. I will definitely be adding this as a regular part of my fishes diet.


Fish seem to like the food, but they don't go nuts as I've seen in the videos. They are warming up to it though, and if they love it, I love it. Can't beat the ingredients.


I purchased 2 of the 265 tabs containers to be part of the food supply for all my fish. I first tried it with my adult fish. Once they figured out where it was, they began to eat it with gusto. I like that you can press it against the side of the fish tank and it will stick for the upper level feeders. I also fouind it easy to pulverize and feed to the juveniles and small fry. They went after it eagerly, filling the their bellies. After a week of making it part of the menu, my fish's color have intensified, and their acitivty level has also increased, especially the livebearers, corys, siamese algae eaters, otocinclus and the tetras. I highly recommend it as part of your fish's menu! Watch Cory's product video to see what it did with his fish. I also know that Rachel O'leary uses it for her fish and invertebrates, and has demonstrated its use several time in her YouTube videos.

I dont know whats wrong with my fish...

Every video I have ever seen of people using these fish go nuts over it.
My fish ignore it with the exception of my rainbows.
Makes me sad I was so excited to get this.
But all that being said I think its a great product.
I have a lot of wild caught fish, maybe they just eat differently.
On a side note my shrimp love it.

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