Shrimp Shirt

Aquarium Co-Op

$ 19.99 


Shrimp Rancher shirt. When they sell out they are gone! American Apparel shirts. Run a tad bit smaller than the Aquarium Co-Op Shirts for sizing.

These shrimp t-shirts come from Vashon Island in the middle of the Puget Sound.

Because we love to wear really comfortable t-shirts, we only used American Apparel shirts which are super soft and made here in the US by happy employees that are paid a living wage.

We use only environmentally friendly inks.  We only use QCM phthalate free plastisol screen printing inks. Our inks are an industry leader containing no heavy metals, voc's, or phthalates, which are often associated with the printing industry. Our plastisol raw material selection has always avoided the use of heavy metals and solvents, earning our ink vendor a classification as 100% Non-Toxic.

We only use Matsui, Inc's 301 Eco Series for all of our water base and discharge inks. The 301 Eco Series Inks manufactured by Matsui contains no harmful chemicals or toxic substances as known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Both QCM for our plastisol inks and Matsui for our water base and discharge inks are by far the safest inks used in production today.

All of our designs are pro-nature, pro-animal, pro-farmer, pro-food and pro-hobbies.  We don't use negative messages.  We accentuate the positive.

You really could do without our shirts but life sure can be alot more fun with them.