Small Aquatop Sponge Filter

These sponges are  a fine sponge. They collect lots of fine particles and can polish water. Great for smaller aquariums from 5 to 20 gallon aquariums depending on load.

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Double filters.

I doubled them in every 30 gallon tank. Works great. Thanks

works great on my 20 high

i ordered 2 of your small filters. one to use on 20 high and one to have as a back up if i need to start a new tank. after about a month of so my water tested great. and i only gravel vac to get all the fish poop out. so far i love it in my guppies tank.

Great Small filter for my 10 gal tank

I bought this filter for my small 10 gallon tank to replace my hang on the back. I also bought the neverclog air stone to go with it. Watched a video on YouTube on how to add the neverclog to this so that the bubbles were much smaller and very quiet.

I was running my old hang on the back filter and the air pump together and now I’m getting both from only my air pump! Plus this filter will last a very long time and very affordable. It’s super small and very easy to hide in the corner of a tank.

Awesome Product

I was very pleased with this filter. It does a great job and doesn't take up that much room. It was also very inexpensive so I will look to buy more in the future.

Great producs, great website, great customer service

Shipping is fast usually arrives withing 3 days customer service responds back rather quick when you have questions and the products leave you feeling satisfied

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