Spider Wood Nano Twigs

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This is 500 grams of twigs and roots from spider wood. These work excellent for nano tanks. Pair them with other spider wood or rocks to make an awesome display. You can use these twigs to fill in a larger scape as well. We find they pair really well with our small dragon stone pieces as well.

Customer Reviews

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So cool and so much fun

Received it quick! And it was so much more than I expected. It was so much fun putting it together to create amazing hardscape. Beyond moneys worth for how much you get in the bundle. Been able to do two Nano aquascapes with it so far and have a ton left over to do few more.

Pleasantly surprised.

Plenty of pieces to choose and enough to aquascape a couple of nano tanks. Good quality and product arrived to a timely manner. Got free shipping to boot for first purchase after signing up with the co-op. Winner..

Very Happy

I was having a hard time finding driftwood for a new 5 gallon tank and noticed Aquarium Co-op started offering this and gave it a try. Very happy with the selection and the quantity I received!

Great selection

I'm very picky about driftwood so this assortment was perfect for building my nano tank. I was able to pick out exactly the shapes and sizes I needed to create the look I was going for.
As with any driftwood, they definitely need to be soaked for some of the larger pieces to sink. A white film does develop on them at first but dissipates quickly. Overall very high quality.
The only problem is I have a lot left over now! An excuse to get more tanks, right?... ;)

Beautiful and plenty of them for a few nano tanks

I don't know what I was expecting but they definitely exceeded my expectations! There are lots of different size pieces and beautiful! I also ordered the dragon rock pieces and there are plenty and different colors and look great in the tanks.