Tetra 6 in 1 Test Strips

Central Pet

$ 16.99 


We use these daily in store and at Cory's fish room. Cory trusts his living with them. They are quick and easy. They test everything except for Ammonia. You use another strip to test ammonia. These strips are accurate unlike many other brands. You get 25 tests.

60 second check for:

  • chlorine
  • nitrate
  • nitrite
  • general hardness (GH)
  • alkalinity (KH)
  • pH

Tetra EasyStripes 6-in-1 Aquarium Test Stripes measure six important water quality levels. The test strips are designed from the same technology used in medical and scientific laboratories, giving you fast and accurate results. Tetra EasyStrips are safe, nontoxic, and simple to use. Just dip directly into your aquarium, and read the results in seconds.