Tetra Ammonia Test Strips


$ 16.99 


We use these daily in the store and at Cory's fish room. Cory trust's his living with them. They are quick and easy. They test only for Ammonia. These strips are accurate unlike many other brands, you get 25 strips per bottle.

Test for Ammonia when:

  • Setting up a new aquarium or making water changes
  • Tap water contains chloramines
  • Fish breathe rapidly and dart around tank
  • Fish stop breathing or die without visable symptoms

To remove ammonia do a partial water change.

Instructions for using:

  1. Remove one test strip from bottle and replace cap tightly.
  2. Hold strip at end and dip into aquarium water, swishing back and forth in the water for 10 seconds.
  3. Remove and shake excess water from strip.
  4. Compare immediately to the color chart.