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  • Vitamin Supplement for Increased Growth
  • Helps to Regrow Fins
  • Enhances Natural Colors

Vita Chem is a multi-vitamin supplement for fish. Generally, fish keepers use Vita Chem as a food soak to improve on the amount of vitamins their fish are getting. This can be essential for fish such as puffers or other predatory fish where live foods alone aren't providing sufficient nutrients. It works well with freeze dried food such as Hikari FD Krill or Brine Shrimp. It can also be very effective when added to frozen and pellet foods. Helps aid with fin regeneration & Lateral Line disease.

Customer Reviews

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Patrick J.M. (Nicholson, PA, US)
Vitamin Boost

Received the Vitamin in quick Order, Timely Delivery! Gave the Fish their First Dose, which followed a Cure-All Antibiotic. Well, we are four days into the Vitamin and I can report that the few fish that had Tail-Rot are now Symptom Free! No Tail Rot! Fantastic! I wouldn’t have believed it, Really! So Now a Vitamin for Fish makes A Lot of Sense! Gives them a Fin-up sort of Speak, ha ha! Thanks, a drop per Gallon for a worry-Free Community!

RAFAEL (Chicago, IL, US)
Great add on

This product is a great add on to food for increased nutrition.

E.S. (Brooklyn, NY, US)
food soak vs water additive

I see in the instructions that it says to either add to aquarium water directly or soak food. I see most comments mention it being used as a soak. Wondering if adding to aquarium water provides equal benefits?

Nicole R. (St Louis, MO, US)
Great product!

The fins on my black telescope goldfish were always tearing and fraying and no medication seemed to help. When I added this as a food soak she started to heal very quickly. Now I make sure to always have it around.


I use a few drops daily just to make sure the kids are getting their vitamins and minerals, especially since some are picky eaters. Vita Chem is a solid, trustworthy brand sold here by a trustworthy company so you know your fish is getting the best