Ziss Premium Breeder Box

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  • Separates Fry from Larger Fish
  • Designed For Maximum Water Flow
  • Two Hanging Methods

This premium breeder box from Ziss is designed to maximize water flow throughout the box. It features a hose connected to an airstone which brings water into the box and a bottom stainless steel mesh screen for additional flow. The top features a convenient feeding hole. 

For this breeder, two hanging methods are possible. The Ziss super strong suction cups are what most folks use. The hanging bracket works for people who have rimless aquariums or small nano tanks.

Customer Reviews

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Yosifa (Elizabethtown, PA, US)
Level up!

The Ziss Breeder Box really has really unlocked another level of the hobby for me. I was able to harvest eggs and safely raise some panda cory fry for my husband's new tank when he FINALLY caught the fish-keeping bug. Allowed me to raise the fry in the stable water conditions of my seasoned, planted 65 gallon tank. The reinforced bottom makes it so the big fish can boop the bottom of the box without disturbing the fry. Sturdier than the net breeder BY FAR- worth the extra cost.

P H. (Little Falls, NJ, US)
Excellent breeder box!

I purchased this for our 55G tank with pregnant fish. The quality is so nice. The mesh sides and bottom really has good water circulation. We were previously using this tiny plastic breeder cup and it was way too small and waste would not drain out. This one is very well made. The bubbler is a great addition as well. We have the black rim on our tank so the hanger didn't work well for us but the suction cups worked great. My only concern is that our large mama Molly got stuck behind it between the glass and the bredder cup. There's enough room to get between the box and the glass when using the suction cups so be careful with that. I may put some foam there next time I use it just for safety. Other than that it's excellent!

Donald K. (Pittsburgh, PA, US)

I was looking for something to keep my fry separate and this was the perfect choice. Well constructed and heavier duty than boxes I've used before. Buy with confidence!

Dave S. (Brookfield, WI, US)
Works so great I bought another!

I loved this breeder box so much I bought a second, cause.. well Nobody every took my fish aside in 6th grade for "the talk" and they are like bunnies

Much nicer than the cheap fabric kind. Since they hang up close to the lights, they can get a slight film of algae or tank leavins on the sides. The cloth boxes are a pain to clean and can get stained while this box wipes clean easily.

Next there is visibility. Two sides are clear and you can see into the box to check on the expectant mom, or on the kids. The other two sides have mesh that waste and small food particles can pass through. The remaining stuff I suck up with a baster.

I love the added air stone that draws water through the box to give the kids fresh water and air to breathe.

One thing I did not like, was it did not hang right. It sagged and I had to put a magnet between the glass and bottom of the box to support it... Until, one day, I saw there is a black peg built into the bottom that slides out to push against the tank to support it. Those Germans think of everything... Lesson learned, I will read the instructions.

Donald E. (Oklahoma City, OK, US)
Great Breeder Box

Basically, if Cory recommends it…..I’ll buy it sight unseen….Currently I have a bunch of baby plecos swimming in this…where I can feed them and make sure they get the food to expedite their growth….and my Purple Moscow’s in the tank are having babies and I have been putting them in this as well….works great….-AGAIN…if Cory recommends it…don’t over think it…..just know you’re getting the BEST…..