Aponogeton Crispus Bulb Plant

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Easy to grow low light plant. Grows from a bulb. Bulb should be planted half way out of the substrate or it'll die back. Creates long flowing leaves with a crinkle effect to the leaves. Can be fed root tabs or by water column fertilizer.
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  • This plant appears in the picture that it is in a pot. So after I receive mine take it out of the pot, out of the rock wool and plant the bulb half way in the substrate? Is this plant considered a mid to background plant?

    I would classify this as a background plant. It's best planted on top of the substrate or only partially in the substrate. If if it planted too deep it can rot. I usually just use the roots to anchor it down or up to 50% of the bulb in the substrate.

  • I was wondering. When I purchased 2 of these plants the bulbs were incredibly small and there were almost no roots to speak of. I know they say if you bury the bulb too deep it will rot and the plant will die. That being said. Can you Super glue (gel of course) the bottom of the bulb to a rock or piece of driftwood in order to hold it in place so it doesn't get pushed around the aquarium by my bottom dwelling fish?

    You could use super glue gel, or you could use lead weights to hold them down as well.