Hydro-Sponge 3 Filter

Aquarium Co-Op

$ 14.99 


The Hydro-Sponge filter provides both Mechanical and biological filtration. Aerobic bacteria colonize the sponge, providing a bacterial substrate to facilitate the nitrogen cycle. In addition, the Hydro sponge traps larger waste particles, mechanically cleaning the water. All Hydro-Sponge filters are designed for stack-ability to increase the filtering capacity. Very easy to clean, just rinse and squeeze!


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  • What size hydro sponge filter would you recommend for a 10 gallon tank?

    Probably the 1 or 2. We only stock the 3s as they are the most commonly sold size. We recommend some of our other brand sponge filters for smaller tanks.

  • i want to use my sponge filter with a power head doi have to let the sponge sit in my tank for 5 days before i plug in the power head or can i plug it in and have it running right away,i alreadt modified my hobwith sponges and bio rings ,intake spong going for a couplemonths is it safe to star the new sponge filter right away

    You should be able to start using the powerhead on the sponge right away.

  • I'm planning on using these in my new 130 gallon, maybe stacking a few. probably adding a power head to one just to increase water movement in the tank a bit. planted tank with an average fish load. How many should I use?

    I recommend one sponge filter per 30-40 gallons. I'd probably use 3 for your aquarium assuming it is planted and stocked appropriately. With regular maintenance. 

  • what do you do when you put in medications? Can you still leave the sponge in? Also I have a 29 gallon Tall with 16 rasboras,1 gourami,6 platys,1 super red bristlenose, 3 cory cats , total (27). Would I use this filter (hydro sponge 3) for my 29 gallon or the medium Hikari sponge filter? Also could I get an extra sponge with them? Also I have a 16 gallon tall aquarium with 6 white clouds,1 albino pleco,4 corys ,total 11. So I would I use the medium Hikari sponge filter for both aquariums? Would like to but an extra sponge each, but cant find it on your site (the extra sponges). Thank you

    We don't sell the extra the sponges because on the hikari sponges they are almost the same price as the whole filter. On the hydro 3s, they should last so many years that typically a different part would break first. The difference between a hygro sponge and the hikari sponges is the porosity. I prefer the more coarse of the hydro sponges in my aquariums. You typically would leave the sponges in during medicating. 

  • I received my hydro 3 sponge filter and I love it. So do my fish. My question is I put it in and also put in the General Cure and API E.M. Erythromycin . A few of my fish have parasites. Are the meds still going to work with the sponge? Is the sponge filter going to take my meds out? My fish are pooping long white poops. Are those the worms? New to the hobby for about a year.This is new to me the meds. Also new my fish getting this. They flick sometimes on my plants, heard that was another sign. Should I take the sponge filter out while doing the meds?

    You'll want to leave your sponge filter in and running when using meds, they don't have activated carbon so they won't take out any meds.