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Unfortunately we don't sell fish online, but we have partnered with Aqua Huna and other vendors that offer discounts through their affiliate programs. See the full list here.


At this time we don't sell any of our products wholesale. We don't have the infrastructure setup to ship pallets of products to different stores.  If this changes in the future, we will update this article.

We don't disclose our vendors. This helps us remain competitive. Also for individual stores, proximity to vendors, water parameters etc all play a part in which wholesalers will make sense for you to be purchasing from. Our best advice is to attend shows, and always be seeking other suppliers and constantly track your pricing so that you may improve it over time. No one starts with great pricing, without proving to the supplier the volume they can move. With time more vendors will approach you.

We often get asked, how do I chat with Cory on the live streams? Or when do the live streams happen live?

We live stream every Wednesday at 5pm Pacific Standard Time when Cory is in town. You can click here to see all the videos and upcoming live streams.(live streams are usually scheduled the day of)

To chat with Cory and everyone else, open the video while it is live on a device that supports chat. Not all devices do, but all computers and laptops will, most phones etc. There will be a chat box that you can open up. From there you can type 1 message every 60 seconds. With thousands of people watching do know that it's hard for Cory to see the messages as it's kind of a lottery system. However other chatters will usually respond to questions as well.

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