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Aquarium Co-Op is a new way of doing aquatic business. We’ve learned that our customers are environmentally friendly, price conscious and want high-quality fish and products. Most would say that those three things are mutually exclusive. However, with the support of our customers, we strive to meet these needs.

Some of the ways we meet these needs are the following:

We buy fish from local breeders when it’s possible.
We only carry products that we believe are tried and true. By focusing on quality products, we buy in bulk and pass the savings to you.
Our store uses an automatic water change system that allows us to change water on all the tanks at the same time. Each tank is filtered individually and water is never shared between aquariums.
We quarantine all fish before they are sold and sterilize our nets between each use to keep our fish healthier.
We’ll be sure to get to know you and your aquarium personally with our small, tight-knit team. This helps us to support you better with all of your aquatic decisions.
We offer a discount of 5% to our YouTube channel members and current Greater Seattle Aquarium Society members and enjoy contributing to the philanthropy projects, such as putting aquariums in schools.
We want to help you track down that rare fish that will complete your tank. Our team of experts will guide you through setting up that new aquarium for your family and are committed to helping you enjoy nature daily.

It is our philosophy that by combining our love of quality fish/products with locally bred fish and plants; we can create a fun, inviting and sustainable hobby for all to enjoy. We encourage you to come explore Aquarium Co-Op.

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Aquarium Co-Op store front 2023

We don't sell live fish online, but you can visit the Aquarium Co-Op fish store — a one-stop shop for freshwater community fish, live aquarium plants, fish tanks, aquarium supplies, rocks and driftwood, and more! Our well-educated staff is happy to help you find the perfect fish for your first (or 20th) fish tank, as well as recommend tried-and-true products to make the aquarium hobby easier.

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We have over 850 videos covering fish care guides, how-to tutorials, and fish room vlogs. Follow along as our founder Cory works on his personal tanks and travels the world to learn about fishkeeping.

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Answer your burning questions about Aquarium Co-Op products, business practices, and shipping policies.

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