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New Gobies and More at Aquarium Co-Op This Week!

This week the Aquarium Co-Op retail store in Edmonds, WA got in some interesting fish as well as some favorites that we haven't been able to get in a while. These include some (tiny and ultra cute) Rope Fish, Giant Danios, Furcata Rainbowfish, Green Laser Cories, White Cheek Gobies (my favorite), a Schoutedeni Puffer, and some locally-bred Mosaic Guppies (sold in M/F pairs only).
For plants this week, we got in a HUGE restock of all of the usual favorites as well as some tissue cultured plants (more not pictured) for those who have been asking for them for their snail-less tanks.
For this week I wanted to highlight our product, Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms. These cubes of food stick to the glass or other surfaces making them a great way to get photos, headcounts, and videos of your favorite fish! In particular, we love feeding these to corydoras, guppies, and cichlids!
Check out the video below where Cory shows you how a fun way to feed this food!

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