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Lots of Colorful Fish at Aquarium Co-Op!

Lots of color in this week's orders at Aquarium Co-Op! Rainbow-colored assortment of Small Discus, Peacock Gudgeons, Black Neon Tetras, and Gold Australe Killifish (sold in M/F pairs) as well as a batch of nice-sized Panda Garra.
The retail store also got a huge restock of plants in our orders this week! We have a lot of the usual favorites like Rotala H'RA (which came in flowering), Ludwigia Repens, Crypt. Spiralis, and the return restock of Moneywort.
This week I wanted to highlight the importance of feeding a varied diet and incorporating frozen foods. Frozen foods are a great, clean, whole food packed with proteins and fats that most fish prefer. You can also add Vita Chem to frozen foods to get even more nutrients into your fish. At the store, our fish eat frozen Cyclops and Brine Shrimp every day. 
Check out our video where Irene talks more about fish foods!

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